Arzsnagog's expedition

Arzsnagog had stayed behind while the PCs ventured into the cisterns. He was approced by Phaledra, who were worried about Therrlen Darkseeker, since his lychantropic condition had steadily worsened. Now he was almost always raging in his cell in the small temple. However, in one of his lucid moments, he had told Phaledra about the bronze gong, and she belived that destroying the gong might be his only chance to survive.

Always being the hero, Arzsnagog decided to help out. Luckily, also Rendil Halfmoon was eager to join the expedition. Although they didn’t quite find the bronze gong, the corridors of the labyrinth proved to be an exciting place and the party had a couple of encounters with its denizens (nothing they couldn’t handle though).


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