After having forced Mulkermor to flee the field the party started looting to the extent that they forgot to keep an eye out on their surroundings. When they least suspected it, they were surprised by a roaming patrol consisting of a par of troglodytes, a pair of tuergar scouts, some riff-raff miners and, unfortunately, a theurge on steroids.

Taking advantage of the surprise the melee characters quickly rushed into the unsuspecting party and started to heavily damage the “softer” PC. Meanwhile the theurge effectively kept leaders and defenders neutralized due to her massive area blasts.

The party was quickly separated, and lacking coordination, they faced a very grave situation.. which turned to worse as they were burning surges like crazy trying to keep up with the damage from the theurge and the scouts (all of whom really had a very lucky day).

At the end, the only man standing was Barrack (who else), having chased the last of the scouts off the battlefield. Heroically he managed to bring the remains of his now late friends back to the Seven Pillared Hall and had them resurrected. Phaledra felt sorry for his loss and gave a discount on the resurrect scrolls.

The question remains… what will they do now?


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