Helping Vadriar

The PCs brought the fight to the second level of the witch’s tower, and although the gargoyles had arrived and were prepared for battle all hostiles were dispatched of without too much trouble. The witch, realising that the situation was hopeless tried to escape through a hole in the wall, but didn’t survive the fall to ledge some 10 feet below. Upon arriving back at the Seven Pillared hall, Wynn Longsaddle was delighted hearing that the route to and fro Thunderspire Mountain had become slightly more safe.

Feeling satisfied with their achievements the party travelled back to Winterhaven to inform Lord Padraig, and Valthrun the Prescient about the progress they had made in investigating the Bloodreavers, and the Labyrinth. Our heroes were given the promised rewards, and inevitably, news quickly spread in the small city that the heroes of Winterhaven had returned, and a grand party was thrown in the local tavern to honor them.

Then they travelled back to the labyrinth to find more adventure…. Our heroes decided to investigate the cisterns, and see if they could lift the curse that kept Vadriar the Sage fearing for his life. And not unexpectedly they discovered some troglodytes and their leader performing a horrible ritual. The troglodytes were dispatched of without too much trouble, but the question remains… what to do about the magic circle…


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