Oh noes - the slaves are dead

A new character: “Glorfindel” joins the party. He is a sorcerer and has on the way to the Seven Pillared hall helped Wynn Longsaddle escape a pair of gargoyles. Attacks by gargoyles seem to be the flavor of the month, and the proprietor of the inn,Erra Halfmoon, is worried.

Glorfindel joins the party and they return to the Horned Hold – to the room where the late Chemash heard some strange voices speaking in an unknown language. Sadly, all the slaved had been slain, and the corpses had attracted a horrible shadowy monster which was hungry for some human meat.

After the monster was defeated, only one survivor was found. He was returned to the Seven-Pillared hall. Back in the inn, Barrack was handed a note, including a map. The note told the party to meet up with an unknown “friend” in a closeby room. Of course it was a trap.

In the room the party was attacked by two tieflings and a big animated bronze statue (which proved to be quite tough). After the fight two notes and a strange looking amulet was found on one of the tieflings.


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