By now, Rendil was quite used to sneaking around in the labyrinth, so without too much trouble he arrived back in the hall to greet the other half of our party who’d returned to the hall. After some rest they were eager on bringing the hurt on the remaining troglodytes in the cisterns. Having the opportunity to get some more adventure, Rendil generously offered to help out once again.

However, what initially had looked like quite an easy fight turned out to be very tough indeed. Siezing the opportunity to catch multiple enemies (and unfortunately Germanicus as well) in a blast, Glorfindel unleashed his powers. Havning already taken quite a lot of damage from the troglodytes, and still being engaged in melee with them, Germanicus was severly injured, almost mortally so. Though, slowly gainin the upper hand in the fight, our heroes managed to defeat the troglodytes.

On the way back to the hall, they encountered a dwarf who was proclaiming that he was some kind of king. Combat ensued when the PCs didn’t want to be his desciples… and indeed they proved to be the stronger force here.


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