The Cisterns Part II

Disenchanting the circle proved to be quite a difficult task, but teamwork and the usage of many different skills saw the PCs through this challenge as well. Now, the cisterns being quite a large area, the PCs suspected that the trogoldytes guarding the circle werent’t the only inhabitants here, so they decided to continue exploring.

After a while they found a set of double doors, ornamented with bones and other skeletal parts, but they didn’t have time to “admire” the door before they were attacked by another group of troglodytes, who were, apparently, guarding the doors. In the beginning of the encounter the two opposed parties were pretty evenly matched, but suddenly our Bahamut worshippers forgot that they were engaged in combat and started to think about other things. From then, things started to go south, and without healing, the PCs had to make a tactical retreat, promising to return soon and exact their vengeance!

Having her beast killed again, Brienn tired of wandering around in dungeons instead of the outside world, she abandoned the party. Instead she got another ranger to participate, a halv-orc with a shared love of boars.


Mindblank Perlita42

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