the infamous colossus

No longer being able to stem their curiosity our heroes decided to try to find the colossus which supposedly had killed a very skilled battle cleric of Tempus. Initially they thought that the colossus was located in the cisterns, but after checking with Vadriar, the Horned Hold seemed like a much more promising place to look…. and there were only one place in which they hadn’t looked yet.

Using the bridges that spanned the chasm between the hold’s two main battlements they arrived in a narrow corridor flanked by four sarcophagi. The whole place reeked of foul magic. At the far end of the corridor the snarling skull of a minotaur was engraved into the wall. The skull had then been inlaid with red basalt. But as soon as the heroes touched the skull three minotaur guardians and one minotaur cleric emerged from the sarcophagi and attacked. When slain the cleric dropped a nose ring which fit right into the nose of the wall carving.

Fitting the ring turned the skull into a water-like membrane which Barrack immediately charged through, leaving his perplexed friends behind. Luckily for him, his friends didn’t dally too long before entering the fray. However, during the first round he was alone against the colossus.

The colossus proved to be a formidable foe, with fire attacks, savage axe sweeps, and giant stomps to the ground. What was worse, however, was that neither magical nor physical damage affected him, and any magic around simply dissolved. But it only took a round or two for our heroes to spot that he seemed to protect the back area of the room… and in particular the red basalt altar, and four pillars which were emitting elemental energy.

Hitting the pillars with water and cold magic seemed to work, and the altar could be damaged by any kind of damage. This seemed to affect the colossus, and after a while especially Germanicus was able to point out some weak spots in the colossus.

After a savage fight which killed Thom, Arszhnagog and Ekk, Barrack, helped by divine powers, was able to find a weak spot and land a killing blow on the colossus. Being in a bit of a hurry to help the wounded and collect the dead, Germanicus didn’t have much time to check for loot, but at least the clerics armor was secured.


Mindblank Perlita42

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