Therrlen's Curse

Our heroes were informed by Phaledra that Therrlen was getting worse, and probably hadn’t much time left. Vadriar helped them to at least find an approximate direction to the location where the bronze gong, which had supposedly cursed Therrlen was located. However, on the way there they found a caravan that had been assaulted by a swarm of fire bats. It turned out that the caravan had belonged to the Deepgem company, and although they were saddened to hear about the loss of their workers they were glad to get to know of their destiny.

After having done that the heroes once again set out into the dungeon, and eventually, after having got lost a few times, managed to arrive at a location lit by burning cressets. When approaching the the gong the cressets started exploding in fiery burst, quickly filling the area with fire. This didn’t deter our heroes who actually spent longer time looting the area than killing the monsters. Luckily, for Therrlen, they didn’t forget to destroy the gong.

When they returned to the Seven Pillared Hall to check on Therrlen, they found him unconscious due to exhaustion, but he seemed much better.


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