Travelling to Fallcrest

The caravan had been ambushed on the juction between the East Road and Vale Road, that leads to Thunderspire Mountain. But before reaching that spot the party almost comes under attack from a red dragon. This dragon is quite well known and goes by the name of Cazakk the Blessed. Luckily for the party Cazakk is chased off by a much larger dragon – the legendary beast Aurgloroasa.

From the other travellers in the caravan the party learns that Cazakk has been harassing the town Harkenwold, just on the outskirts of Hullak Forest. Apparently the dragon has effectively forbidden worship of any other god(s) than Tiamat, from whom he seems to derive special powers.

The party learns that the Baron Stockmer, the current ruler of Harkenwold village might have more information about the dragon scourge.


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